No Refunds*

Architecture UG4 Studio / Spring 2022 / Erik Herrmann

No Refunds*
Jenna Call

In this institution for the reuse of food waste for domestic science remedies in Chicago, the typical connotation of an institution is inverted by changing the balance of systems and service spaces. While the typical consumer of food forgets about the whereabouts of their meal, in this new institution the community will be granted with the ability to see these systems in action and return to visit a shop to acquire remedies to take home as a souvenir of the institution that came from the food that was ingested there, or learn how to make their own.

This is an institution turned inside out that views all steps of the food cycle from growing to waste reclamation at a local level, while waste landfills and recycling are traditionally on the outskirts of a city, this becomes where people can learn about waste streams and ways they can reuse their own food scraps for the betterment of themselves.

*Please read our reuse policy.

Jenna Call’s No Refunds* was awarded third place (along with Ethan Lethander) in the 2022 Gui Competition.


Headshot of Erik Herrmann

Erik Herrmann

Assistant Professor