May 5, 2022

Spring 2022 Knowlton School Awards

Spring 2022 Knowlton School Awards


IMI/OSU Masonry Competition

  • Jake Henderson, 1st place
  • Jacob Lindaman, 2nd place
  • Basel Al-Fakhouri, 3rd place
  • Hayden Kobelak, 4th place

Construction Specialists Institute, George Van Niel Scholarship Award

  • Kaitlin Baker, 1st place
  • Ghazal Feizi, 2nd place
  • Brett Wedding, 3rd place

AIA Columbus Award

  • Omar Alvarado
  • Mollie Davis
  • Laura Eldaour
  • Katie McDonald
  • Meghan Opre
  • Emma Rosenberger

Faculty Prize in Architecture

Awarded to an outstanding student in each year of the design studio sequence.

  • Doroteo Arreola Carrera, junior
  • Sarah Scotchie, G1
  • Michael Rizzo, G2

LeFevre Award

Awarded to a student who provides an exceptional level of support to the LeFevre Fellow.

  • Alison Summers

Yessios Award

Awarded to students who provided an exceptional level of support to the Yessios Professor.

  • Kori Caughenbaugh
  • Ben Moody

James Gui ’54 Design Competition

  • Blythe Atzbach, 1st place
  • Tyler Johnson, 2nd place
  • Jenna Call and Ethan Lethander (tie), 3rd place

Service to the Architecture Section

Awarded to a student who has provided exceptional service to the Architecture Section.

  • Salma Abdelrahman

Pella Prize

Awarded for outstanding achievement in the G2 comprehensive studio.

  • Maverick Ordonez and Kristoffer Roxas (tie), 1st place
  • Neda Tabatabaei and Ben Moody (tie), Honorable Mention

William Riat ’73 Prize

Awarded for outstanding work in the Master Project by students in the Master of Architecture program.

  • Ghazal Feizi

American Institute of Architects-Ohio Scholarship

  • Neda Tabatabaei

​​​​​​Alpha Rho Chi Medal

Awarded to the graduating graduate student who has shown an affinity for leadership, performed willing service for the school or section, and gives promise of real professional merit through his or her attitude and personality.

  • Erin Miller

American Institute of Architects “Medal for Academic Excellence”

Awarded to the graduating MARCH  student with the highest grade point average.

  • Kaitlin Baker

Landscape Architecture

Landscape faculty award their students on Final Friday Awards Day

Studio Awards

The Studio Award honors students from each Spring Studio whose design work and leadership consistently exceeded expectations.

  • Wilding Studio, UG2
  • Trees for All People, UG3
  • The Water Garden, G1
  • Olentangy 2050, Option Studio
  • Farm Futures, Option Studio

Envoy Projects

Awards three student projects of merit completed during the academic year that exemplify the section’s spirit, standards, and values.

  • Chadwick Framework
    Ryan Vorndran, G3
  • Street Trees of New Orleans: Rethinking Tree Practices for a Fluctuating City
    Kerry Leung, DIRP
  • Field Futures
    Yuming Hsu, Option Studio

Visual Innovation Award

Awarded to two students, one undergraduate and one graduate, who have excelled in visual representation, explored emerging media or fabrication techniques, or demonstrated innovative capacity in the visualization of landscape.

  • Aidan Finelli, BSLA
  • Ryan Vorndran, MLA

Leadership Award

Awarded to two students, one undergraduate and one graduate, who have demonstrated clear leadership ability and contributed positively to the visibility of the Landscape Architecture Program within Knowlton and Ohio State.

  • Trecia Cintron, BSLA
  • Annie Purcell, MLA

Service Award

Awarded to students who have contributed positively to the visibility of the Landscape Architecture program within Knowlton, Ohio State, and the Columbus community.

  • Priya Ramakrishnan, BSLA
    Vice President of the newly formed NAMLA
  • Janelle D'Avignon, BSLA
    Acting President of SCASLA

Faculty Prize

Awarded to one student from each cohort who has consistently excelled in all courses during the academic year and has consistently demonstrated leadership ability, enthusiasm for our discipline, and growth as a designer.

  • Emily Moon, UG2
  • James Mitch Wallace (Mitch), UG3
  • Derek Neang, UG4
  • Saeed Piracha, G1
  • Yuming Hsu, G2
  • Ryan Vorndran, G3

Directed Research Prize

  • Sydney Lister, Trois Réseaux: Lines of Resistance in Louisiana’s Landscapes

ASLA Undergraduate Honor Award

  • Grace Vannatta

ASLA Graduate Merit Award

  • Ryan Vorndran

ASLA Graduate Honor Award

  • Sydney Lister

City and Regional Planning

Kyle Ezell and Zhenhua Chen award Bethany Bella an award on Final Friday Awards Day

Isreal Stollman Award for Best paper

  • Bethany Bella, MCRP

AICP Student Award

  • Christoph Ciurlionis, BSCRP
  • Simon Lowenstein, MCRP

APA Ohio Future Leaders Award

  • Claire Mei, MCRP
  • Alexa Reynoso, BSCRP

Ava Hottman Award for Community Service

  • Kai Le, MCRP

Hazel Morrow-Jones Award for Outstanding Graduate Student

  • Bethany Bella, MCRP

Jerold Voss PhD Student Award

  • Kihyun Kwon, PhD

Ken Pearlman CRP Service Award

  • Edwin Juarez, MCRP

Kyle Ezell Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student

  • Letitia Cetina, BSCRP

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Project

Uptown Westerville Senior Studio

  • Kayla Johnson, BSCRP
  • Michael Johnson, BSCRP
  • Margaret Kaniecki, BSCRP
  • Alexandra Lammers, BSCRP
  • Shayanna Hinkle-Moore, BSCRP
  • Jacob Moratt, BSCRP
  • Samuel Nagle, BSCRP
  • Jayda Palmer, BSCRP
  • Mitchell Pinsky, BSCRP
  • Grace Rader, BSCRP
  • Zach Shultz, BSCRP
  • Tyvon Smith, BSCRP
  • Hannah Smith, BSCRP
  • Hanfei Sun, BSCRP
  • Victoria Villegas, BSCRP
  • Will Wilder, BSCRP

Outstanding Graduate Student Project

Reynoldsburg Sustainability Plan

  • Bethany Bella, MSCRP
  • Mazie Cheezebrough, MSCRP
  • Hayleigh Coppenger, MSCRP
  • Curtis Dickess, MSCRP
  • Prince Kwarteng Crooklynn, MSCRP
  • Simon Lowenstein, MSCRP
  • Tanya Maslak, MSCRP
  • Shelby Oldroyd, MSCRP
  • Alicia Gregory, MSCRP
  • Jordan Petrov, MSCRP
  • Alexander Schepflin, MSCRP
  • Janco Swart, MCRP

Outstanding Student in a Studio

  • Hayleigh Coppenger, MCRP
  • Marcus Duemmel, BSCRP
  • Alejandro Duque, BSCRP
  • Alexander Fay, BSCRP
  • Margaret Kanieck, BSCRP
  • Jayda Palmer, BSCRP
  • Jordan Petrov, MCRP
  • Zach Shultz, BSCRP
  • Tyvon Smith, BSCRP