Union County Micromobility Plan

City and Regional Planning Graduate Transportation Studio / Spring 2022 / Kim Burton

Union County Micromobility Plan

Cover of Union County Microbility Plan

Micromobility is an important component of an equitable and sustainable transportation system. Its modes (or forms of transportation) include walking, biking, scooters, ride-pooling, rideshare, microtransit, and many other small or “micro” scale travel methods. 

This plan lays out four core mobility system goals: equity, efficiency, safety, and innovation.

  • Equity strives to create accessible and affordable micromobility options for the community.
  • Efficiency encourages a connected environment that reduces congestion, promotes active transportation, and minimizes its ecological footprint.
  • Safety prioritizes the protection of vulnerable road users, like pedestrians & bicyclists, to reduce and eliminate accidents that lead to serious injury or death.
  • Innovation involves engaging the public and key stakeholders in mobility planning, as well as leveraging cross-jurisdictional collaborations and creative funding sources to expand micromobility within Union County. 

Advancing technology and dynamic transit choices create opportunities for communities like Union County to embrace micromobility as a service to provide for an improved quality of life for its residents and visitors. This plan works towards outlining the initiatives and implementation strategies that will create this reality in Union County.


  • Jordan Petrov
  • Hayleigh Renee Coppenger
  • Edwin Vladimir Juarez
  • Ezra K Mattaridi
  • Janco Swart
  • Julia Taylor Brooks
  • Mazie Marin Cheesebrough
  • Crooklynn Prince Kwarteng
  • Shelby Quinn Oldroyd
  • Simon Ernest Lowenstein


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Kimberly Burton

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