August 22, 2022

Jennifer Clark Publishes “The state of urban research”

The article is authored by five scholars from disparate fields and reviews the status of the “urban” subfield in their discipline.

Jennifer Clark Publishes “The state of urban research”

Professor and Section Head of City and Regional Planning Jennifer Clark has published “The state of urban research: Views across the disciplines” in the Journal of Urban Affairs

An “urban” subfield exists in virtually every social science discipline, but these subfields seldom engage one another. We asked scholars from five urban subfields to respond to questions about the state of urban research within their discipline. This article consists of their consequent essays and reflections on their responses. The questions posed included the discipline’s conception of “urban,” the main concerns motivating the subfield, the primary methodologies pursued, the extent to which their subfield interacted with or was informed by research in other urban subfields, and the main concepts or approaches it had to offer to other subfields or might take away from them. In our reflections, we particularly note the intellectual and institutional difficulties in creating a broader field of urban research or of engaging in truly inter-disciplinary research. We also highlight the desirability of greater engagement across these subfields through encouraging a “republic of conversation” among them.

“The state of urban research: Views across the disciplines”
Harold Wolman, William Barnes, Jennifer Clark, Samantha Friedman, Richard Harris, Jeffrey Lin & Thomas Ogorzalek (2022)

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October 12, 2021

Jennifer Clark Publishes “Problems beyond economic development”

The Planning section head co-published the closing essay in Local Economy’s new special issue on inclusive innovation.