September 16, 2022

Technische Universität Braunschweig Announces the Arrival of Jesus Lara

Lara is at the university through a DAAD and a Fulbright scholarship to pursue research on migration.

Professor of City and Regional Planning Jesus J. Lara was featured in an article by Braunschweig University announcing his arrival at the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism. Lara is at Braunschweig University through a DAAD and a Fulbright scholarship to study how public space has been created in geographically and socially uneven ways by immigrants and refugees.

The Professor of City and Regional Planning now wants to expand his research to cities outside the USA. During his stay, he will mainly research the German capital Berlin and its urban development in connection with migration. His study has two research objectives: One is to understand the factors that contribute to the establishment of immigrant neighbourhoods in specific urban and suburban areas and the second is to explore how these immigrant communities contribute to social, economic, and cultural resiliency in their neighbourhoods.

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