October 7, 2022

Emily Knox Awarded ASLA Honor Award

The landscape architecture alum receives national recognition in the research category from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Landscape Architecture alumna Emily Knox (MLA ’18, BSCRP ’15) has received the American Society of Landscape Architects’ Honor Award in the Research Category for Alabama Meadows, a field-based project that seeks to re-build knowledge about the largely eradicated southeastern meadow landscape typology. Knox is currently an assistant professor of landscape architecture at Auburn University. The award was given to Knox and her co-researcher David Hill. 

Careful observation and sampling occur regularly using drone and ground photography, active journaling, and field drawing. The meadows initiative aims to recreate long-lost habitat, increase biodiversity, and offer a counter example to the traditional manicured landscape aesthetic of the south, while providing ecological and cultural value to the region.

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