October 3, 2022

Kerry Leung Awarded ASLA Award of Excellence

The recent Landscape alum is the recipient of the American Society of Landscape Architects’ premiere student award.

Kerry Leung (MLA ’22) has been awarded the American Society of Landscape Architects’ Award of Excellence in the Analysis and Planning Category for her Directed Research Project, Street Trees of New Orleans: Rethinking Tree Practices for a Fluctuating City

As a design strategy, I propose that street tree practices should be treated as city scale system for these urban trees to function better as an urban forest, while also being localized in terms of sourcing, tree suitability, and location specific planting. This strategy proposes a distributed network of the city’s own local nurseries using spaces of the neutral grounds. The local nurseries are not so much about large scale production and transplantation, but also about training, maintaining and most importantly cultivating a varied local genetic pool of trees.

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