November 1, 2022

Alumni Profile: Tim Cousino, BSArch ’10 MArch ’12

Alumni Profile: Tim Cousino, BSArch ’10 MArch ’12

Tim Cousino BA '10 MA '12

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, 2010
Master of Arts in Architecture, 2012

Augment Architecture & Design,
Owner and Principal

Awards and Recognition 
Gui Competition Winner
Placed in the IMI Masonry Competition
Alpha Rho Chi Medal


Adrian, Michigan



Describe your typical day as an architect.

It’s always a little different, which is why I love it. Many days I’m in front of a computer screen designing, but I also have spent a lot of time on-site, in a model shop, in meetings, at an event, or on an airplane. I’ve always joked that my job, above all, is to show up with a plan but be prepared for anything to change. You’ve got to be adaptable, and I enjoy that.

Why did you choose a career as an architect?

From the start, it proved to me to be the perfect blend of art, engineering, and making in general. That has remained true, but an additional piece that I didn’t expect was that being an architect is also about consensus building on many levels, which I’ve surprisingly come to enjoy as well. Design is one important, but small, piece of making something of significance.

Are there certain skills you gained while at Knowlton/Ohio State that you currently apply to your job?

Knowlton helped me learn many of the skills to do what I do—primarily, the ability to look at a large set of complex problems, not get overwhelmed, and then organize those pieces into something coherent and meaningful to those that interact with what I’m designing.

Above just skills, Knowlton helped me hone a few other traits that have been essential to a successful career:

  • critiques are never meant as a personal attack, rather it is helpful feedback that should inspire you;
  • the importance of finding comfort in the shades of grey and the understanding there is almost never a “correct” answer, but rather something you believe to be the best solution;
  • and finally, how important it is to build a network and connect with a wide variety of people.

What is one piece of advice you can give a Knowlton student who is searching for a job or internship?

Your portfolio work will speak for itself. In an interview or conversation, you have to be able to explain the work very concisely (believe me – I know how hard this is) and focus on getting to know the people at the table. Help them get to know what kind of employee you’ll be, and instill confidence that you are someone they can depend on.

What does having your degree from Ohio State and Knowlton mean to you? How do you stay connected as an alumnus?

My degree means a lot simply because of the people and culture that taught me to think, learn, and explore the world in new ways. I still am close with many people that graduated from Knowlton, and I view the school as a resource and learning tool for me even as a professional. It’s a profession that has been good to me overall, and I enjoy opportunities to help talented young people reach their potential.

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