Kitaya Park House

Architecture G1 Studio / Spring 2022 / Ben Wilke

Kitaya Park House

Kitaya Park House
Chris Wright

This project is a residential home for a married couple and one elderly parent in the site of Kitaya Park, Tokyo, Japan.

The design was driven by a parti of three boxes stacked and rotated about each other to create dynamic forms, allowing for spaces to be carved out where the boxes cantilever over each other.

These carved-out spaces created double-height spaces, balconies, and shade structures which added to the minimum programmatic requirements of the house.

A courtyard in the center ties these three boxes together with a vertical element while also creating a private garden space on the first floor and bringing in natural light to each room of the house.

An intricate pattern was designed for the shade structures to allow light into the building while ensuring the occupants the necessary privacy.