A Wall of Sorts

Architecture G1 Studio / Spring 2022 / Benjamin Wilke

A Wall of Sorts

A Wall of Sorts
Trevin Stewart

A Wall of Sorts was an exercise meant to arrive at a goal through a series of what instructor Benjamin Wilke termed “mad scientist” phases, where students made many alterations to a form before selecting a few to move forward.

The projects began with manipulations of a 2D rectangle. Students then translated those 2D shapes into 3D before adding minor articulations, resulting in an “endless” wall of iterations. 

This iterative approach led to many forms that were similar yet distinct from one another. The wall begins to take on the feeling of a collection of characters rather than a single uniform structure. 

The project helped to guide students to an understanding of iterative design’s power when working through a problem. The project compelled students to produce several options to solve a problem. The plurality of options allowed for a better understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of each option.