February 13, 2023

Andre Carrel and Harsh Shah Win 2023 Moshe Givoni Prize

The assistant professor and PhD student were recognized for “Impacts of online shopping on travel demand: a systematic review.”

Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning Andre Carrel and PhD student Harsh Shah have won the 2023 Moshe Givoni Prize. The prize recognizes scholars that have published the best paper in Transport Reviews for the year. Carrel and Shah were awarded for their paper “Impacts of online shopping on travel demand: a systematic review.”

We are delighted to announce that the 2023 Moshe Givoni Prize was awarded to Huyen T.K. Le, Andre L. Carell, and Harsh Shah (The Ohio State University) for their paper entitled: “Impacts of online shopping on travel demand: a systematic review”. This paper was published in the third issue of 2022 (volume 42, issue 3), and was an outstanding contribution to the journal as it provides an overview of literature on the relationship between online shopping and personal travel behaviour. Based on a review of 42 articles, the paper synthesises and assesses the evidence for four types of effects on various travel outcomes, including trip frequency, travel distance, trip chaining, mode choice, and time use. This paper has already received a lot of attention (with more than 10,000 views and 16 Web of Science citations in 16 months) and is likely to be an important document for researchers analysing the effect of ICT on transport in the coming years.

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