College of Engineering Alumni Help Build New Ohio State Lacrosse Stadium

Alum Andrew Elmer (BSLA ’08) and Regina Doty (BSCE ’21) played big roles in the development and construction of the new stadium.

College of Engineering Alumni Help Build New Ohio State Lacrosse Stadium

Knowlton alum Andrew Elmer (BSLA ’08) and Civil Engineering alum Regina Doty (BSCE ’21) drew on their educations in the College of Engineering and their experiences as former Ohio State lacrosse players to help develop and construct the new Ohio State Lacrosse Stadium.

Following graduation, Andrew Elmer spent the last eight years working as a junior project manager for higher education and athletic facilities at HOK, one of the largest architecture, engineering, and design firms in the United States. Elmer served as the project manager for the recently completed stadium project, which began in 2018 and hosted its first game on February 4 on the finished field.

Regina Doty, after graduating in 2021, spent the last year working as a project engineer for Ruscilli Construction. Doty and Ruscilli Construction helped build the new stadium. 

“It was really exciting just knowing I would get to, as Woody Hayes said, pay it forward to my alma mater and to individuals and to a program that impacted my life in a big way,” Elmer said. Elmer’s experience as a player meant he could give input on what would be best, whether that was the netting behind the goals to keep fans safe or one of his personal favorites, the raised grandstand so everyone could see the action. “On the concourse, you can see the entire game," Elmer said. “That’s a design element of this facility that I haven’t seen in any other college facilities in general.”

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