February 12, 2023

Landscape Faculty Presenting at 2023 Exhibit Columbus Design Presentations

The event in Columbus, Indiana will take place on February 25.

Knowlton Landscape Faculty Halina Steiner, Tameka Baba, Forbes Lipschitz (and Iowa State Assistant Professor of Architecture Shelby Doyle) will present at the 2023 Exhibit Columbus Design Presentations on February 25 in Columbus, Indiana. 

Each will present their work and receive feedback before their projects are constructed for the exhibition opening on August 26. The team will present “Sedimentary State: Under the Microscope” (Steiner and Baba), “Privy 2: Biosolids and You” (Lipschitz), and “IMRU.”

“This part of Exhibit Columbus is a rare opportunity to see some of the most creative and talented architects, artists, and designers working today as they showcase their ideas and explain how they connect to Columbus and beyond,” said Richard McCoy, Executive Director of Landmark Columbus Foundation, the organization responsible for the program Exhibit Columbus. “With our curators, we are building a very special moment that builds off of our theme, Public by Design, to create meaningful connections between people and the public spaces they share.”

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