May 5, 2023

Three Knowlton School Students Awarded 2023 ARTA Grants

Recipients of the Architecture Research Travel Awards will conduct research in Palestine and Israel, Denmark, and London and Amsterdam

Three Knowlton School Students Awarded 2023 ARTA Grants

Three Knowlton students were awarded Architecture Research Travel Awards to conduct research in Palestine and Israel, Denmark, and London and Amsterdam. Ish Gad (Master of Landscape Architecture), Lillie Gillespie (Master of Architecture), and Josie Stiver (Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning) will travel during summer 2023 and conduct independent research projects. The students will present their research findings to the school in autumn 2023.

2023 ARTA Grant Recipients

Ish Gad
Master of Landscape Architecture

Researching Mountain-Side Village of Battir

Research Sites: Palestine and Israel

Ish Gad proposes to study the traditional and contemporary landscape design practices in the village of Battir, with a particular focus on their cultural significance and the role they play in the lives of the local communities. Objectives during Gad’s travel include

  1. visiting a range of landscape architecture projects, including parks, public spaces, and village farms, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the various design approaches and styles used in Battir;
  2. meeting with local landscape architects, designers, and community leaders to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by the profession in Palestine and Israel, and learning about their perspectives on the future of landscape architecture in the region;
  3. studying the cultural and historical significance of the local landscapes, including the influence of Roman and Ottoman design traditions, and the impact of modern-day political and social issues;
  4. and documenting his findings through sketches, photographs, and written reflections, to be used for future research and academic purposes.

Lillie Gillespie
Master of Architecture

The Culture of Books: A Quest for the Perfect Library

Research Sites: Denmark; Travel will be delayed until 2024

During Lillie Gillespie’s stay in Copenhagen and Aarhus, she will visit 10-15 different libraries, creating diagrams and plan drawings of each space to uncover the most efficient circulation and program of these spaces. Gillespie will interview library goers and employees to determine how they use the library and to collect their opinions on the space, as well as their ideas for improvement.

Libraries serve as a place to welcome those of all ages and backgrounds and provide free resources such as access to the Internet, aid with documentation, and offer opportunities to develop technology, writing, or language skills. But what are the most effective designs and programs for libraries and how can such a valuable resource be even more efficient? Gillespie's research will provide design-based proposals to answer those questions.

Josie Stiver
Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning

Commuter Biking Viability

Research Sites: London and Amsterdam

Using multimodal transportation methods throughout London and Amsterdam, Josie Stiver will conduct an analysis of bicycling infrastructure, and research how biking and public transit can coincide to create a seamless commute.

Specifically, her research will gauge the comfort and feasibility of commuter distance cycling in comparison to intercity biking. Using public transit to more suburban neighborhoods, Stiver will also analyze how biking can extend the proximity to transit. In her suburban analysis, she will research how the use of biking can lessen the coverage gap. Key factors in her work will include road conditions, signage and navigability, availability of amenities, type of road, and safety of cyclists. Her research will be further informed through interviews with individuals who have incorporated cycling commutes into their daily life.

The Knowlton School’s Architecture Research Travel Awards (ARTA) program was established to encourage independent travel and research initiatives of up to 30 days by Knowlton students from all degree programs. In the autumn semester following the completion of their summer projects, ARTA winners present their work to the school. The ARTA program is made possible by generous support from the Columbus Foundation.