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Alternate Ecologies

For my projects, I have car care and two eco system which is swamp and prairie in my both site in Franklinton. 

My big site is near COIS and have great traffic volume. I made a car wash in this site so that people can leave their car in car wash for cleaning when they have fun in COSI. In my project, there are inside wash and outside wash and all roads are one way. For the landscape, it is based on the circle shape of roads. The area in the circle is swamp while the outside area is prairie. 

2017 Internship Poster Competition

The purpose and intent of the poster competition is to provide MCRP students an opportunity to display their graphic skills and show what they have been working on in their internships.

Transit Redesign

New Worlds, Old Ideas

Our project creates new architectural worlds through the employment of a generative technique utilizing the visual language of architecture. The project begins with three samples “seeds” deployed within the generative machine. These samples have been selected based upon their strength of influence within the field at large. While some are more literal, some are diagrammatic, representing vectors of research, design processes and methods within architecture.

Alternative Ecologies: Installations in Franklinton

Franklinton is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Due to its location along the Scioto River, it was plagued with multiple devastating floods in its infancy that stunted its ability to prosper into a thriving metropolis like the city across the river from it. For the final phase of this studio, we mapped out the several vacant lot in east and west Franklinton and designed them in a way that combined two ecologies and an urban typology that made sense for the surrounding context.



                This project aims to combine swamp and prairie ecologies while providing a multipurpose space for leisure while facilitating the sale of fresh produce. The two sites chosen in have been designed as functional greenspaces which mitigate storm water from adjacent sites by drawing water into depressed swamp areas. Contrasting this condition are alternating areas of prairie and boardwalk bringing people into both ecologies. Designed modular elements such as planter benches, lights and fences bring prairie vegetation onto the boardwalk and into the swamp.

Parking Garage Altercology

Altercologies Spa Studio Fina

This project was an exploration in the relationships present within the ecologies “Eastern Eroding Shale Bluff”, and “Great Plains Open Marsh and Ponds”.  One of the most interesting interactions between these two landforms, was the seepage effect which the bluffs provided, and the resulting rings of vegetation which could inhabit the varying microclimates along, on top of, and beneath the bluff.  My construction strategy highlights both the successional rings of varying plant types, and the seeps along the cliff faces.  Perfect circles were utilized to indicate the artifi

Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens

This project attempted to incorporate a variety of early form-finding exercises into the context of Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Garden, on OSU’s campus. It also attempted to make a political statement about climate change. The site was dual-function: bus stop (campus hub) and arboretum. The final design spoke to both of those uses, by providing pathways to and from the bus stop to academic buildings, as well as providing space to incorporate the mission of a learning garden/arboretum.

Phase 4

My two ecologies were the Rocky Mountain White Spruce Forest and the Great Plains Oak Savanna. The white spruce forest grows on the lower slopes of the Rocky Mountains in cool, moist, acidic loamy soil. Vegetation consists of white spruce trees and other ever greens, as well as ferns, lichens, mosses, and shrubs. The oak savanna is a fire ecology that grows in the Great Plains between prairies and woodlands in well-drained sandy loam soil and consists of mixed grasses and bur oak trees.


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