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Milo-Grogan Sustainability Plan

Milo-Grogan Sustainability Plan
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3rd row
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James Burdin
Brian Kinninger
Andrew Crozier
George Larger
Shelley Denison
Kelsey Mailman
Timothy Dietrich
Luan Nguyen
Ran Duan
Richard Rush
Chia-Chin Yu
David Zeller
City and Regional Planning
Maria Manta Conroy
CRPLAN 6960: Planning for Sustainable Development
Spring 2015


This plan is a culmination of the efforts of Dr. Conroy and 13 students, who studied and evaluated the Milo-Grogan neighborhood during the spring 2015 semester. The purpose of this plan is to introduce sustain- able principles into the community and to encourage and foster practic- es and behaviors that produce sustainable outcomes. These outcomes will serve to reinvigorate Milo-Grogan, effectively planting the seeds for a prosperous community. 

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Milo-Grogan Sustainability Plan