Knowlton School Celebrates the Class of 2016

Graduating students and their families gathered together before The Ohio State University commencement ceremony to celebrate at the 2016 Knowlton School Commencement Breakfast on Sunday, May 8, in Knowlton Hall.

The annual event began with breakfast followed by a welcome from Knowlton School Director Mike Cadwell. Bhakti Bania (MArch '01), President of the Knowlton School Alumni Society, continued the Director's sentiments with a welcome message of her own to the newest members of the Alumni Society. Graduating student representatives Luke Dougal (BSARCH '14 and MArch '16), Katherine Pettee (BSLA '16), and Kalindi Parikh (BSCRP '16), reflected on their time at Knowlton before Mike Cadwell delivered his final remarks and best wishes to the graduating class.

By the numbers

The Knowlton School's Class of 2016 consists of students who graduated fall 2015 and spring 2016, as well as those projected to graduate summer 2016. The class totals 193 across the school's three disciplines. 

Bachelor of Science in Architecture:  73
Master of Architecture:  21

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture:  21
Master of Landscape Architecture: 9

Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning:  29
Master of City and Regional Planning:  34
PhD in City and Regional Planning:  6

Undergraduate students graduating with Honors:  58

Masters students graduating with Dual Degrees:  5