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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture Seminars

Spring 2019


LARCH 2780/7890 Landscape Architecture Topics Seminar | Site Itineraries: Walking and Drawing (3)

Katie Jenkins

This seminar will examine the relationship between walking and drawing—the ways in which each delineates territory, modifies land and leaves traces. We will undertake extensive hand drawing and walking exercises that generate novel methods of interpreting and shaping the landscape.

LARCH 2780/7890 Landscape Architecture Topics Seminar | Parametric Surfaces (3)

Troy Malmstrom

Within parametric design lies the ability to explore an infinite number of design solutions with any given set of variables.  So what happens when this design process meets the very surfaces we interact with on a daily basis?  This seminar seeks to break down and explore existing projects utilizing parametric design techniques gaining a further understanding of their constructs while also allowing students to implement similar methods within their own studio designs.

Utilizing the Grasshopper interface within Rhino 5.0, students will begin by replicating a series of contemporary case-study projects employing the parametric design software.  These projects range in scale from large topographies such as Eisenman?s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe to facade studies such as Herzog & De Meuron?s Signal Box and more.  After understanding each case-study, students will then take the project further as they propose their own modification to the parametric definition resulting in an altered version of the original project.  The course will culminate in the fabrication of one these modified systems utilizing the school?s various prototyping and fabrication equipment.

Prerequisite:  Beginner/Intermediate knowledge of Rhino 5.0

LARCH 2780/7890 Landscape Architecture Topics Seminar (3)

Tameka Sims

What we wear is a layered motif of materials that have been colored, cut, and shaped, it is also an expression of identity which changes from day to day or even hour to hour depending on our mood, changes in environment and or occasion. Many urban landscapes are created out of necessity with little to no consideration for identity and potential use as immersive and dynamic spaces. This seminar will move beyond the world of standard, and convention, and will aim to create new topographic forms generated through experimentation and the iterative process practiced throughout the fashion industry. Working toward three main goals we will: 1)  use textiles as a medium for spontaneous experimentation, 2) document and detail generated forms for future replication, and 3) use storytelling as a means to document how one moves through a changing landscape over a given period of time.

LARCH 2780/7890 Landscape Architecture Topics Seminar (3) 

Karla Trott

From antiquity to contemporary times, site planning has been a means for the thoughtful arrangement of disparate elements and the careful shaping of the spaces left between them.  Site planning continues to be a significant type of project design for both architectures and landscape architectures. Site planning is driven by both poetic and functional intentions as well as ecological and cultural concerns.

This seminar will investigate, through case studies, competition comparisons, diagramming and design projects a range of site planning conceptual strategies and technical components.  We will investigate a range of site planning scales and program types with an eye to exploring any distinctions between the approaches to site planning found in architecture from that of landscape architecture, we will then consider how a more synthetic practice might be conceived.

Crosslisted with ARCH 5590.

LARCH 4410/7410 Advanced Landscape Technologies (3)

Ethan McGory

Students refine their ability to develop and represent planting design through analysis of precedent projects; exploring design development and iteration methods; visiting local gardens and nurseries; and designing and investigating plant communities and maintenance strategies.  The course will also include hands on activities related to the construction and maintenance of gardens.

LARCH 4410/7410 Advanced Landscape Technologies (3)

Halina Steiner

This course examines the relationship between people, water, and infrastructure west of the 100th meridian of the United States. This includes primarily arid, mediterranean, and desert climates. The 100th meridian, not only, marks a distinct  ecological shift in the United States, but also marks a change in how water rights are governed. The shift in water law has spatial consequences on the landscape, allowing water to move further distances to be used.

This includes: a review of historic relationships between people, water, and the development of new water infrastructures; the intended and actual outcomes of these water infrastructures; current issues facing water; and solutions for water conservation, via green infrastructure practices.