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GE + Intro

General Education and Introductory Courses

Below is a list of General Education (GE) and introductory courses that will be offered through the Knowlton School in upcoming terms. For a list of all of the GE courses offered through Knowlton, see our Complete list of GEs offered through the Knowlton School. For a list of foundation, prerequisite, and other introductory courses that may be helpful as you explore our majors, see our Undergraduate Admissions page.

Spring 2019

ARCH 2220 Sustainability and the Built Environment (3)

Aimee Moore

Introduction to sustainability and the built environment, emphasis on cultural context, including contributing geographic, political, social, and economic factors which influence the form of the constructed world. 

GE soc sci human, nat, and econ resources course.

ARCH 2300/LARCH 2300/E Outlines of the Built Environment (3)

Aimee Moore

Introduction to architecture, landscape architecture, and planning as cultural practices that shape the physical environment.

GE cultures and ideas course.

ARCH/LARCH 2310 Introduction to Design (4)

Dow Kimbrell, Halina Steiner, Benjamin Wilke

Introduction to the design of the physical environment through the exploration of form, space, and order using drawing and modeling techniques.

CRPLAN 2110 Creating Innovative Cities and Regions (3)

Don Leonard, Kareem Usher

This is the first class to take for students interested in the Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning. Make a direct impact on the City of Columbus this autumn. Meet the movers and shakers who make things happen in the city?s neighborhoods and leave your mark on Columbus! This course is designed to be a fun and engaging and only requires a willingness to make Columbus a better place. Be prepared to go on informative field trips where you will experience engaging and hands-on real-world projects in places like the Short North, Downtown, Franklinton and more! This class will help you become an innovator and begin your career as a thought-leader in planning field.

CRPLAN 3500 The Socially Just City (3)

Lauren Edwards

Too many cities are split between the haves and the have-nots. Explore how to reduce poverty, increase access to public services, and create a high quality of life for all residents.

GE soc sci orgs and polities and diversity soc div in the US course.

CRPLAN 4597 The Global Environment in Planning (3)

Don Leonard

A review of challenges in developed and developing countries, examining planning issues associated with economic development, social equity, growth and rural development.

GE cross-disciplinary seminar course.

LARCH 2367 Making and Meaning of the American Landscape (3)

Jacob Boswell

Overview and interpretation of influential figures, policies, programs, cultural forces, and environmental factors that have shaped the American landscape since the Revolutionary War. 

Prereq: English 1110 (111) or 110, or equiv. 

GE writing and comm: level 2 and cultures and ideas course.