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Domestic Travel

Knowlton School students have various opportunities to enhance their on-campus coursework through our domestic travel programs. Some of these are linked directly to specific classes and studios, while others are driven by our student groups, faculty research projects, and programs such as Honors & Scholars.

Architecture Scholars

Knowlton School students from all majors who are enrolled in the Architecture Scholars Program gain knowledge and insight though shared courses, service opportunities, local site visits, workshops and especially though exploration and travel outside of the classroom.  Last year, architecture scholars students visited the Westcott House in Cincinnati in the fall, and Chicago in the spring, a trip that was linked to a common seminar. Other trips in recent years have included a daytrip to Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob, and weekend trips to Boston and Toronto.

Scholar seminars for weekend trips helps students prepare and experience destinations beyond the role of tourist.  Seminars covers topics such as the history of a city and region; notable historic events and figures that shaped the area’s growth and development; prominent works of architecture, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning projects; and critiques of these efforts. The seminar helps students to become familiar with city elements and to learn about its transportation networks. Typically students are assigned a specific building, site, or district to research, present, and critique to the group. Seminars also help students to develop their sketching and visual note taking skills as a component of the travel program.

Other Domestic Travel Opportunities

Many studio instructors plan site visits to locations outside of Columbus as integral parts of their courses. For example, last spring, Architecture Professor Kristy Balliet traveled to Chicago with her design studio for a three-day study trip to explore Monumental Mid-Rises and their interior spaces.

For several years, CRP students have taken part in an on-going redevelopment plan in post-Katrina Mississippi, traveling there each year to work side-by-side with local municipalities and citizens groups in order to develop a long-term community plan for the region. Students in Kyle Ezell's "Planning Innovations" class created an in-depth development plan for the city of Dayton, Ohio entitled A Brand New Dayton.

The Knowlton School's many student groups often schedule trips to nearby cities such as Cleveland and Cinncinati to explore those cities' architectural, landscape, and urban planning offerings.