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The Knowlton School educates the next generation of architects, landscape architects and planners to shape our world, from building, to site, to region. The school’s combination of disciplines is rare in the United States and unmatched in Ohio. The Knowlton School is also uniquely positioned to offer the resources of a large university and the community of a small school: intimate class sizes, dedicated faculty and staff and an award-winning facility.

The Knowlton School builds on these strengths with a robust curriculum coupled with exceptional offerings. Among these offerings are a distinguished public lecture series, study abroad programs on four continents, extensive digital capabilities and diverse civic engagement opportunities.

Our students are prepared to shape the world. The world is volatile, our students are intellectually agile. The world is interconnected, our students are culturally aware. The world is digital, our students are technically adept. The world is constrained, our students are socially engaged. But for Ohio State, many of our students would not have this preparation.

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Please contact Louisa Morris, Coordinator - Alumni Relations and Events, if you would like to discuss your gift in more detail, or if you are interested in the possibility of endowing a fund or establishing a planned gift.

Louisa Morris, Coordinator - Alumni Relations and Events
(e):   (t): 614-247-5409

Areas of Priority

The Knowlton School excels as the world accelerates. The school is committed to meeting the challenge of an accelerating, dynamic world. In supporting the Knowlton School, you will join us in shaping the world. We have created a strategic vision for the next several years that is in full alignment with the university’s strategic plan, and we have identified funding priorities in sync with the priority areas at the heart of the But for Ohio State Campaign.


Visiting faculty positions, professorships and faculty research awards will enhance a Knowlton education with prominent talent and fresh ideas.


Exceptional educational experiences will immerse Knowlton students in diverse cultures, interdisciplinary collaborations, and real world applications. Read more about Experiences.


Scholarships will draw the best students to the school as tuitions of comparable programs rise and median incomes plateau.


Digital technologies will advance the delivery of a Knowlton education and our student’s formation of the built world. Read more about Technology.


Communication encourages students and faculty to lead their disciplines to new levels and promotes the school’s contributions to the public, its peers and prospective students and faculty.

In addition to the priority areas, gifts can also be made directly to the school’s general fund. Contributing to the One School Fund will enable Knowlton School leadership to allocate funds where they are most needed to create more responsive and cutting-edge programming.

Knowlton School 2016-2017 Year in Review

Review highlights of the 2016-2017 academic year in the latest Knowlton School Year in Review publication. The 100-page booklet takes a look back at events, stories and achievements from the past year, with particular focus placed on exceptional experiences, teaching, faculty and student achievement, technology, alumni achievement and school outreach efforts.

The publication also provides an update on the Knowlton School Capital Campaign and includes a comprehensive listing of all Knowlton School donors.