Meet the 2014-15 Class of Knowlton School Ambassadors

The Knowlton School is pleased to announce the new Knowlton School Ambassadors Program. Knowlton School Ambassadors are rising undergraduate students from all school majors who have gone through a training program that prepares them to represent and promote the Knowlton School at various events. Knowlton Ambassadors meet with prospective students and their families in Knowlton Hall and at area high schools, answering questions about our three undergraduate programs, the Knowlton School and Ohio State. They also conduct Knowlton Hall tours, participate as panelists during Knowlton open houses and volunteer at university sponsored events.

To become Knowlton Ambassadors, interested students needed to apply with a written essay and go through an interview process during which candidates were required to give a presentation.

Please explore the program’s profile page to learn more about the school’s first 15 Knowlton Ambassadors.