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Dual Degree Admissions

Dual Degree Admission Information

Students who earn a dual degree become experts in an area of concentration, earn two degrees typically in less time than it would take to complete them separately and are more marketable after graduation. Below is a list of potential dual degree programs with the Knowlton School. It is also possible for students to arrange their own unique dual degree program with any two graduate degrees offered at OSU. Students pursuing a dual degree complete the requirements of each individual degree while applying approved courses towards both degrees. Time to completion depends on the flexibility of the two degrees and the planning of courses. 

Knowlton School Dual Degree Programs

MCRP / MLA Landscape Architecture

MCRP / MPA Public Affairs

MCRP / MS Civil Engineering -- Transportation

MCRP / MA African-American and African Studies

MCRP / MENR Environment and Natural Resources

MCRP / MS Environmental Science

MCRP / MA Geography

MCRP / MSW Social Work


Dual Degree Application Process

The application to pursue a dual degree program may be completed at the time of your first application and no later than 2 semesters prior to graduation. Planning early is encouraged. Because each program may have unique application processes, you should research the program for details. Generally, there are two options for admission into a dual degree program.

1)     You can apply directly to both programs following the application instructions for each program. You would submit separate online applications and application fees. Note that only one copy of transcripts and test scores are required. If you wish to use the same letters of recommendation, you may ask the graduate programs coordinators to share letters to be included in each application.

2)     You may first apply to one program. If admitted, you are typically not required to submit a full new application again to apply to the second program. Generally, you can ask your current program’s coordinator to send a copy of your original application to the second program’s coordinator. Note that the second program may require additional admission materials and may only accept applications at certain times of the year.



a) If you are applying to the MCRP as your second program, please send the Knowlton graduate programs coordinator a copy of your updated resume and a new statement of intent in addition to having your original application sent. Students may apply to the MCRP at any time throughout the year as the program has rolling admissions.

b) If you are applying to the M.Arch, MLA or PhD in CRP programs as your second program, you must follow the program’s standard application deadlines. See the program’s admissions information on the Knowlton website for details. Have your coordinator send your original application to the Knowlton Graduate Programs Coordinator. You are not required to submit new test scores, transcripts or the online application again unless these items need to be updated. Send the Knowlton Graduate Programs Coordinator a new statement of purpose, resume and portfolio via email. Ask three recommenders to send the Knowlton Graduate Programs Coordinator an email with their letter of recommendation. Decisions are typically made in March and students begin the program in the fall.

If admitted to both programs, you would fill out the online “Dual Degree Plan Approval Form” via GRADFORMS.OSU.EDU. Using this form, you will plan out which courses will be used towards each unique program, and which courses will be used as dual credit towards both degrees. This form must be approved by the Graduate Studies Chairs from each program and the Graduate School will officially update the student’s record.

Graduate School Handbook | gradsch.osu.edu