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Marble Cliff Quarry Site Redesign- Seed Bank

1. I’m Tianchi Zhang, this is my redesign of the life of Marble Cliff Quarry Site.

Walnut Woods Metro Park

                The southeast part of Columbus has been a nursery hotspot for generations. Due to the underground aquifer, plentiful water has allowed the nursery industry to drive this area’s economy. This proposal capitalizes on the nursery heritage native to this area that is easily recognizable in the surrounding context, as well as directly on site.



By transforming Olentangy River Road

and implementing a bicycle highway this

secondary motorist will be able to casually

stroll up and down the road to their

destination. Olentangy will take the form

of the river that runs parallel by the use of

plantings and Bioswales. This bike trail will

become a self sustained ecosystem within

a major road network.

The Cemetery

At The Fragile Slope

Our site is located along the Scioto River, Franklinton, Columbus, Ohio. Our site is relatively long and narrowed. The Scioto Greenway goes through our site. On the one hand, we observe that the river has been seriously corroded by the river. The river lashes against the riverbank constantly, which contributes to the steep of the riverbank. The more erosion of the riverbank, the less space is provided for human activity. So we decide to focus on the problem of the erosion. We not only want to solve this problem, but also we hope to make use of it.

Floating Loop - Scioto River Sports Park

The project is focus on solving the challenge of embarrassed place created by infrastructure in the city such as highway and rail tracks. Surrounded by highway I-670 and rail tracks, the site is located in the intersection of Olentangy River and Scioto River and facing the challenge of isolating from the downtown commercial area and Victoria Village. The concept of the project is to bring people into the sports fields, in which ramps influence the topo change, at the same time creates new experience under the highway and above the rail tracks.

Sculpted Hydrologies


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