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The Cloud

Project Focus: Re-envisioning the definition of a library to create an amenity relevant in the 21st century, located in London, England.

Adventure Zoo


As a short speculative project, the monument was explored as a contemporary typology in the context of a society which is increasingly technological and global.

The Whole World’s a Zoo

Just as the 1909 Theorem had predicted, the city became the structure; the city became the circulation. Humans and animals alike made it their home. The infinite platforms of Zoo City held the opportunity for each and all to create their homes and habitats anew.


The anti-zoo, focusing on the cohabitation of animals, people, and environments, situates itself within the temperate deciduous forest. Using the 1909 theorem, we originally placed the eight layers of the forest (mountain, forest, urban, hill, grassland, water, soil, and cave) into a separated situation much like the original 1909 diagram. Through de-resolution techniques of bending, folding, and breaking we displaced the separated layers to become more integrated, causing different effects to the merging new environments.


The monument project is situated within the temperate deciduous forest. Here, the monument spans across the eastern United States hitting multiple locations that act as memorial locations to the Holocene. Using the oblique, the monument monitors, but importantly, displaces the forest onto a new ground. This new ground acts as the ideal location for the forest to grow and thrive as global warming and the like diminish the forest slowly over time. The monument itself acts as a barrier on one side and monitor on the other.

Look No Further

Kenyon College Arts Center by JunYao Zheng

This project was asked us to design an art building which contained artists engaging space on the Kenyon College campus. The site is right on the edge between campus and town, becoming a great opportunity to connect residents of the town and students of the college. By generating a street syntax diagram of people flow, it is worth noting that two main approaches appear to the site, one from north side is mainly residents and the other from south is mainly students.


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