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Columbus Rail Today

The 11 undergraduates in Chad Gibson’s city and regional planning studio course were assigned a daunting task—assessing the feasibility of light rail transit for Ohio’s capital city. 

As the largest metropolitan area in the United States without passenger rail service, proponents argue that a world-class transportation system is critical to Columbus becoming a world-class city. But previous attempts to bring light rail to the city in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s were unsuccessful. 

Bigger Darby

BIGGER DARBY is a land use proposal for the 84 square mile territory governed by Big Darby Accord in Central Ohio. The Big Darby Accord, adopted in the mid-2000s, unites public and private interests to improve watershed protection and provides a framework for future development.

Milo-Grogan Community Plan


Executive Summary

After an extensive analysis of the Milo Grogan neighborhood’s current assets and needs, we recommend five key design ideas with varying implementation timeframes.

Short-term: Beautify entrances to the neighborhood with art and nature. Create community gardens.

Retreat House

Surface and Volume

The project is anchored by the two main interior program volumes, production and restaurant. These elements are connected by a central bar-like volume. These volumes are intersected by a surface to create a programmatic poche that supports that main elements, such as kitchens, bars and circulation. The surface also is used to create transitional spaces between inside and outside, including main entry, loading and connection to beer garden.

Visualized Brewery


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