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2013 Internship Poster Competition

The purpose and intent of the poster competition is to provide the students an opportunity to display their graphic skills and show what they have been working on in their internships.

A Place to Call Home

This written report, as well as a presentation, poster, and survey questionnaire was prepared by a City and Regional Planning studio class and presented to the Ohio State University’s Office of Student Life, Facility Management and Logistics. This report details the findings of a series of focus groups with undergraduate students from the Ohio State University. These focus groups were conducted with the aim of understanding more about the housing choices and needs of OSU undergraduate students.

Object | | Void

The last five decades of architectural debate are all characterized by the dramatic displacement of the role of the architect from the author of discrete built objects to one who conceptualizes his or her output in terms of the management of increasingly complex processes. The metaphoric operation is a lexicon of operations, a catalog of fictions used to imbue buildings with a sense of malleability and testify to them as indices of design as a managerial process; folding, carving, splicing, and etc.

Constructive Relationships

Coralium Contamination

Keelung: Like Nothing Else

Studio Final


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