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Folding Frenzy


Studio Final

Denison University Arts Center

Sites of cultural production and display, such as galleries, theaters and studios, offer the architect opportunities to critically engage with the allied arts in dialogues that question, stretch, reinforce or undermine expected disciplinary boundaries. When it was opened 25 years ago, the Wexner Center for the Arts began such a dialogue. As former director, Robert Stearns wrote, the building did not allow the visitor to “fall into the comfort zone of conventional solutions” but became a “catalyst” for many forces in the creative process.

Reorienting the Edge

The 2013-2014 James E. Gui Competition, which took place in senior studios, required students to design a “Museum of the City of Buenos Aires” in partnership with a “School of Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and Urban Design” for the neighboring Catholic University of Argentina. Situated in the Puerto Madera district of Buenos Aires, on the water, the donor was particularly interested in the infrastructure of movement in the city at every scale; land, air, and sea.

Hendson Yard

German Consulate

Art Villa Garikula

World Expo 2010



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