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The challenge for this project was to design three separate living spaces for three different programs, each of which accommodates a different scale of human: 1) an extroverted family of four at 1:1 scale; 2) a live/work residence for a single lawyer at 1:2 scale; 3) an apartment building for 6 introverts, each in a separate household, at 1:4 scale.

The Dirty Grand Alley

The Dirty Grand Alley grapples with two opposing site specific conditions, borrowing from the bustling and vibrant nature of W. 41st Street and the seedy and secret disposition of the alleyway cutting through the theater row. By blending certain qualities of these two different elements together in unexpected ways, a new theater experience is created using the devices of threshold, ratio, and detail that shocks the occupant and makes him constantly try to understand his status as exclusive guest or forgotten stagehand as he moves throughout the building.

Multi-Use Building

This project is a multi-use building for a site on High Street in Columbus, OH. The building serves a unique set of occupants: an extroverted family of four at 1:1 scale, a residence and office of a lawyer existing at a 1:2 scale, and an apartment complex for an introverted population existing at the 1:4 scale. Playing off of the scalar differences of the occupants, the design of the building uses the motif of the staircase, an architectural feature that easily lends scalar legibility to a project, to subvert expectations.

Detroit Post Aqua

Along the Detroit waterfront lies an expansive site, half occupied by the a currently underutilized infrastructure for the United States Postal Service. The existing condition is a massive monolithic mass only experienced around and as an edge. The only peek into what's going on inside this “postal fortress” is the occasional raising to allow trucks inside or the quick sprint to the top of the podium before security removes you from the premises.


Gas Station

Wax + Water

Wax + Water

Architecture of Atmosphere



Making Case


Anamorphic Stepwell

Through our research of stairs during the beginning of the studio we found ourselves drawn to Escher’s drawings of stairs and his construction and manipulation of perceived space. By setting up various exercises for ourselves through the semester we explored anamorphic drawings and graphic patterns that influence the eyes’ perception of space.

Pneumatic Moments

The material study constructs forms that are easily changed. Inflation, as opposed to vacuum forming, doesn’t require a premade form only obstructions from above so adjustments can be made without the need to create a new form. The material being used is plastic for its ability to take a form once heated and its ability to quickly cool and retain the form. The variables for the physical process are the obstructions (line or point). Each obstruction also contains its own variables (number of points/lines).

Figured Detroit - ARC A New Cultural Hub

Figured Detroit is a research design project located on an approximately 26-acre waterfront site one-mile west of down­town Detroit. The studio requires an imagination that spans between connective urban networks and intimate neighborhood rooms. To respond, the proposal uses the geometry arc to soften the edge of the buildings and connect the public space that has been captured in between.


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