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Holmes County Arts Center

The big idea of proposal for Holmes County Art Center is to bring the outside landscape inside. Big central courtyard and glass room was introduced into the building. 

Retreat House

The purpose of this project was to create a duplex within an urban site. My project focuses on the connections that can be created between spaces. As such, the building takes the form of a bridge connecting the two buildings next to it. It also serves as a metaphysical connector since it has two paths atop it so that the occupants of all three buildings can be connected using the rooftops as communal spaces. In addition, the two families experience their only connections with each other in the ‘bridge’ section through the large windows between their dining rooms.


San Francisco Music Hall

JO North

My project centers around the idea of the continuous loop, where circulation is the main way of guiding the program. As visitors circulate throughout the building, they flow through the different programmatic elements, while getting an experience of the ramps and surrounding area. The addition element to the program is the theater spaces, one being on the exterior of the building facing the parking garage, to act as a new take on the drive in theater and bring in the surrounding buildings.

San Francisco House of Music

The main idea of the project is to provide a place where people can step away from the hectic, loud, and fast paced world they live in and enter into a secluded world with a unique and relaxing environment to enjoy music.

San Francisco House of Music

            The music hall itself is two performances. During the day the cellular program of the education wing is on display through the walls of glass with the empty concert hall acting as the monument adjacent. At night the lobby becomes the centerpiece while the concert hall becomes a silhouette against the nearby mountain. The project also deals with the battle between the monumental and human scales.

Double House: Push Pull House

The purpose of this project was to design a duplex in an urban environment. My design was informed by the cause and effect of pushing and pulling motions. In plan, the act of pushing inwards on an ideal solid creates public spaces and the subsequent pulling motion in response divides space to create private spaces. In section, spaces can be pulled or extruded upwards to create larger and more public spaces and circulation or pulled downward to form more secluded private spaces. The tension created through the pulling and pushing is resolved through the fenestration.

Musical Follies


Holmes County Arts Center

The Holmes County Arts Center is organized largely by its relationship to its site. A thin strip in the form of a canopy addresses a library and a senior center which are opposite to one another, while two ramps incline towards each other, to suggest a relationship with the road which jogs around the site, and provide access to the roof of the canopy. These gestures separate the interior into four distinct parts which house specific pieces of program- Administration, Arts Education, Health, and Performance.


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