Tameka Sims

Tameka Baba

  • Assistant Professor of Practice

Knowlton Hall
275 W Woodruff Ave

Tameka Baba is an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Landscape Architecture section of the Knowlton School. Her research explores the intrinsic nature of retail spaces in the urban landscape. More specifically her work aims to create a system of temporary and long-term design solutions for urban voids created by dead and dying consumer retail. Recently, she has begun an artistic exploration into the world of textiles as a medium for modeling stylized landscapes. These studies directly reflect the forms and craft of haute couture fashion design which builds into its practice iteration, dynamism, structure, and precision of tailored materials made to fit one body or space. Currently, she is working in collaboration with Professor Beth Blostein to design a new food distribution center in Lima, Ohio as part of the Ohio Land Exchange (OH/LEX) program developed by Professors Jake Boswell, Tijs van Maasakkers, and Kristi Cheramie. She received a Bachelor of Art in Architecture from Kent State University and her Masters in Landscape Architecture from the Ohio State University.