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Bernadette Hanlon, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Undergraduate Chair, City and Regional Planning Section
272 Knowlton Hall

Bernadette Hanlon is an associate professor in the City and Regional Planning Section at the Knowlton School. Hanlon received a BA in politics and philosophy from University College Dublin, a Masters of Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, and, in 2007, a PhD in Public Policy from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Her teaching and research interests center on the political economy of cities and suburbs, environmental sustainability, immigration, and urban environmental policy and planning.

Hanlon’s recent research focuses on suburban growth and decline. She recently published a book with Temple University Press, Once the American Dream: Inner-ring suburbs in the metropolitan United States.  Hanlon also recently co-authored the book, Cities and Suburbs: New metropolitan realities in the US, published by Routledge. Currently, she is working with Thomas J.Vicino, on a new book, Global Migration: The Basics, to be published by Routledge.


CRPLAN 4900S: Plan Making
CRPLAN 5400: Planning for Housing 
CRPLAN 6100: Participation and Advocacy in Planning 
CRPLAN 6440: Research Methods for Urban Design and Planning 
CRPLAN 6930: Neighborhood Planning Studio 
CRPLAN 7300: Planning Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish

Recent Work

The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs

The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs provides one of the most comprehensive examinations available to date of the suburbs around the world. International in scope and interdisciplinary in nature, this volume will serve as the definitive reference for scholars and students of the suburbs. This volume brings together the leading scholars of the suburbs researching in different parts of the world to better understand how and why suburbs and their communities grow, decline, and regenerate. Routledge Companion to the Suburbs is composed of original, scholarly contributions from the leading scholars of the study of how and why suburbs grow, decline, and transform. Special attention is paid to the global nature of suburbanization and its regional variations, with a focus on comparative analysis of suburbs through regions across the world in the Global North and the Global South.

Selected Publications

Hanlon, B. and W. Airgood-Obrycki. (2018). Suburban revalorization: residential infill and rehabilitation in Baltimore County's older suburbs. Environment and Planning A.


Sweeney, G. and Hanlon, B. (2017). From old suburb to post-suburb: the politics of retrofit in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Journal of Urban Affairs, 39(2): 241-259.


Hanlon, B. and T.J. Vicino. (2014). Global Migration: the basics. Oxford, UK: Routledge.


Hanlon, B. (2010). Once the American Dream: Inner-ring suburbs of the metropolitan United States. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.


Hanlon, B. (2009). A Typology of Inner-Ring Suburbs: Class, Race, and Ethnicity in US Suburbia. City & Community, 8(3), 221-246.


Hanlon, B. (2008). The decline of older, inner suburbs in metropolitan America. Housing Policy Debate, 19(3), 423-456.


Hanlon, B., & Vicino, T. J. (2007). The fate of inner suburbs: Evidence from metropolitan Baltimore. Urban Geography, 28(3), 249-275.