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Paula Meijerink

  • Associate Professor, Undergraduate Studies Chair, Landscape Architecture Section
227 Knowlton Hall

Originally from the Netherlands, Paula Meijerink is a landscape architect and associate professor of landscape architecture at Ohio State’s Knowlton School,and has lectured and published internationally. Her engagement with landscape is from a political perspective and she sees the act of design as an agent for change. Her research includes the introduction of organic life into hostile, human-altered environments within the context of human experience.

Meijerink initiated On Asphalt, an ongoing effort to inspire cultural change in asphalt spaces as more engaged public landscapes and improved ecological systems. She continues this work in the speculative transformation of asphalt spaces at retail centers in Columbus. Her practice with WANTED landscape, includes landscape architectural design for the McCord Museum Forêt Urbaine/Urban Forest and the Kirkland Medical Center, both in Montreal. Her current research is investigates forestation practices including the development of a forest on Waterman. In 2018, she led the Banvard Gallery exhibition Columbus Dirt, Illuminating the Invisible and in 2016, she was director of landscape architecture at the Montreal World design Summit.

Her research is related to pedagogy where hands-on activities with students play a fundamental role. Her seminar Scarlet Jungles, is focused on making landscape. With students, she shares the process and challenges of landscape experimentation conducted at a one-in-one scale. 

Meijerink received her ING degree from Larenstein in the Netherlands, she studied philosophy at the University of Utrecht and received her Master in Landscape Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She was senior designer and principal at Martha Schwartz’s office in Cambridge, assistant professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Gerald Sheff Visiting Professor at McGill University. Most recently, she was associate professor and director of the School of Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal.

Recent Work

Urban Forest

Urban Forest is a critique to conventional use of the street as primarily an automotive traffic corridor, to the commonly held expectation of universal car access to all points in space and to the continued dominance of the car as the driver of urban development. This project demonstrates the potential of a street for more divers and inclusive uses through spatial transformation, experience and programming. In addition, Urban Forest has become a venue for social engagement and political outreach thus underscoring its social value.