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Jacob Mitchell

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture Section
221 Knowlton Hall

Jacob Mitchell is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Knowlton School. His research examines how landscape representation, spatial analysis, and site documentation processes enable and circumscribe design outcomes, urban trajectories, and our understanding of place. Ongoing efforts include the study of water infrastructural systems in central Ohio and their implications for social life and civic identity; and work understanding the significance of urban transit infrastructure obsolescence for the public realm. Jacob was previously a Research Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University’s Coastal Sustainability Studio in Baton Rouge. He received a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from York University.

Recent Work

Shifting Foundation

Shifting Foundation is a permanent public exhibition at the LSU Center for River Studies in Baton Rouge, LA that explores the land loss crisis facing coastal Louisiana and the work of the state to address it. The exhibit is installed within a new building constructed to house a 90‘ x 120‘ moving-bed hydrodynamic physical model of the lower Mississippi River that will be used to test the ability of the river to build new land in its Delta. The exhibit consists of murals, display walls, information rails and tables, and a diorama spread out over 5000 square feet, the bulk of which is concentrated in a 3000 square foot main exhibit hall. The title of the exhibit Shifting Foundation reflects three interrelated ideas: the highly compressible soils of the Delta upon which all settlement there is built; a call for a shift in our perception and attitude about how we relate to the landscape of Coastal Louisiana; an allusion to the new ecological regime brought about by sediment diversions - engineered structures being considered with the building’s hydrodynamic model for their ability to harness the river’s power to build and sustain land. Jacob served as lead content designer, project manager, and co-primary investigator working with the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio for the State of Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.