Seungbin Park

Seungbin Park

  • PhD Student
  • Graduate Research Associate, City and Regional Planning

Knowlton Hall
275 W Woodruff Ave

Seungbin Park is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in City and Regional Planning at the Knowlton School of Architecture, with a Graduate Minor in Public Policy and Management from the Glenn College of Public Affairs. His research interests encompass university-community relationships and partnerships, community and local economic development, and organizational theories.

Seungbin's research centers around a crucial question: how can universities and urban communities, often economically distressed and historically marginalized, achieve mutual benefits through universities' community engagement and revitalization initiatives? His primary focus lies in examining land-grant universities in large U.S. urban areas due to their unique history, roles in U.S. society, and contributions to community and local economic development.

For his dissertation, Seungbin delves into two land-grant universities located in two large Midwest cities, studying their community revitalization initiatives. He aims to assess the long-term impacts of these initiatives, reveal gaps in perception between the university and the community regarding the process and outcomes, and investigate whose voices and values influence the university's decision-making process.

Prior to coming to Knowlton, Seungbin received his master's degree in public administration and his bachelor's degree with double majors in economics and political science, both from Korea University, South Korea.


Community and Local Economic Development; University-Community Relationships

Organizational Theories (Institutional Approach)