Glennon is a senior research associate at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. Her work centers the formation of metropolitan space, its evolution, and the role of suburban municipalities in creating metropolitan-wide equity. Specifically, her research focuses on jurisdictional authority, fragmentation, and competition at the metropolitan scale, suburban development motivations, desegregation efforts, and the role of economic development in addressing spatial inequality at the neighborhood scale. An applied social scientist engaging in interdisciplinary transformative scholarship, all of Glennon’s research is designed to generate real world impacts, the co-production of knowledge, and dissemination in both community and scholarly contexts. Glennon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Political Science, a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning, and is currently a PhD candidate in the City and Regional Planning department. Glennon is a member of the Worthington Community Relations Commission and the Franklin County Local Food Council.


  • Formation of Metropolitan Space
  • Jurisdictional Authority, Fragmentation, and Competition
  • Suburban Development Motivation
  • Suburban Desegregation Efforts and Housing Policy
  • Neighborhood Level Economic Development