Karla Trott

Karla Trott

  • Senior Lecturer

Knowlton Hall
275 W Woodruff Ave
(614) 292-8397

As a senior lecturer, Trott’s primary responsibility in the Knowlton School is teaching. As such, her principle contribution to the continuing advancement of knowledge and capability in the classroom and in the profession, arises from the wealth of theoretical and technical developments emerging in the disciplines.

Trott came to the school with an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture, a Masters degree in Architecture and several years of professional work. These experiences led to design courses that seek to emphasize the integrative nature of landscape architecture with architecture, planning and environmental issues.

Examples of these courses in recent years, seek the increased sophistication in possibilities of design disciplinary practices including formal, theoretical and technical factors as these affects form, space and organization and technical considerations in current discourse, such as sustainability, storm water management, a deeper understanding of the integration of design and technology, and the significance of cultural and class diversity as these might challenge the notion of a single model of a desirable site design in various settings.

Along with Jane Amidon and Jonathon Barnes , Trott was a finalist in the AIA Whittier Peninsula Competition, and a collaborator in several ASLA, AIA and AIPA design awards. Trott was recognized by the Sphinx Senior Honorary Society for contribution to undergraduate education.