MCRP Internship Program

Kim Burton, MCRP Internship Coordinator

The MCRP Internship Program provides students with a broad, but intensive learning experience in the city and regional planning field. Students typically work 20 hours a week (minimum of 560 hours) in conjunction with their coursework to integrate learning in and outside of the classroom. In their internships, our students work with citizens and community groups, conduct analyses, write reports, create maps, prepare presentations and many other activities.

Our Internship Coordinator assists students with internship opportunities through our expansive network of planning-related organizations in the Central Ohio area. A majority of our students secure an internship through our network, but students may also obtain an internship on their own, with approval from the Internship Coordinator. A vast majority of our students participate in paid internships. Our students graduate with planning experience, valuable connections, preparation to work in professional planning positions, and a step towards their professional licensure. Many of our students are given the opportunity to continue on at their internship placement in full-time positions after graduation.

Want more details?  See the MCRP Internship Program Handbook and a list of our internship partners. To see a snapshot of the work our students contribute through their internships, view posters from our 2013, 2014, and 2015 internship poster competitions.

Professional Development Seminar

In addition to the internship experience, all of our MCRP students complete an internship seminar for two semesters. In this seminar, our internship coordinator assists students while in school in developing materials and skillsets needed to pursue a career in city and regional planning. The first semester focuses on the materials needed to begin a career in planning. The second semester focuses on career development skillsets necessary to succeed as professional planners.