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The landscape architecture section offers an undergraduate minor in landscape architectural studies. Landscape architecture is the study, design and construction of our collective built and altered environment. Every person’s actions shape the environment, from the foods and clothes that we purchase to how we choose to get to work in the morning. Required courses within the minor in landscape architectural studies focus on building foundational awareness of and appreciation for the ways in which humans have fundamentally shaped and continue to shape the environment. Courses focus on the ideas, logics and tools behind, built artifacts as a means to open greater awareness of and conversation around our collective environment.

No permissions or approvals are required from the section to pursue the minor, though students should alert college or school counselors of their intent to complete the minor, so that the correct plan can be assigned to their records and tracked in the degree auditing system.

Undergraduate Minor in Landscape Architectural Studies

Students are required to complete 12 credit hours in landscape architecture to fulfill the minor requirements. At least six credit hours must be taken at the 3000-level or above and overlap with the GE is permitted unless specifically disallowed by an individual minor program. Students must take the minor courses for a grade and receive a 2.0 or higher GPA.

Required Courses (choose two for a total of six credit hours)

LArch 2300: Outlines of the Built Environment, 3
LArch 2367: Making and Meaning in the American Landscape, 3
LArch 2600: Outlines of Landscape Architecture: Visual Literacy in the Built Environment, 3
LArch 5610: History and Theory of Gardens, 3
LArch 5620: History and Theory of Parks, 3
LArch 5630: History and Theory of Urbanism, 3

Landscape Architecture Electives (remaining credit hours)

The remaining credit hours are to be chosen from the landscape architecture courses above or listed below. Some of these courses have prerequisites. Students would need to consider whether they meet the prerequisites before selecting the electives that are most appropriate for their interests.

LArch 2000: Introduction to Landscape Architecture, 1
LArch 2310: Introduction to Design, 4
LArch 2410: Landscape Architecture Workshop I, 3
LArch 2420: Landscape Architecture Workshop II, 3
LArch 2780: Landscape Architecture Topics Seminar, 3
LArch 3189: Ecological Field Exploration, 1-4
LArch 3194: Group Studies in Landscape Architecture, 1-15
LArch 3430: Landscape Architecture Workshop III, 3
LArch 3440: Landscape Architecture Workshop IV, 3
LArch 3597: Environmental Stewardship and You, 3
LArch 4798: International Studies in Landscape Architecture, 6
LArch 5798: Study Tour in Landscape Architecture, 6
LArch 5960: Design Competition, 1-6


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