Resources for Student Funding and Financial Aid for City and Regional Planning Students

Resources for Student Funding and Financial Aid for City and Regional Planning Students

There are many funding and financial aid opportunities available to CRP students. The Ohio State University is committed to making college affordable and more details on that commitment can be found here. The Buckeye Opportunity Program provides options and guidance for undergraduate students.

We advise that MCRP, BSCRP, and eligible PhD students apply for financial aid through Ohio State’s financial aid office in order to ensure that they can access all of the grant, loan, work, and fellowship opportunities available. We encourage all students to file FAFSAs and apply for financial aid. 

Prospective international students are advised to contact the Ohio State University’s Office of International Students to learn about financial opportunities and financial requirements --- including financial issues related to student visas.

Below is a list of funding opportunities available to CRP students:

  1. Ohio State Student Financial Aid Opportunities including Scholarships
  2. Ohio State Graduate School Fellowships and Graduate School Grants
  3. Ohio State College of Engineering Scholarships
  4. Knowlton and CRP Endowed Scholarship Funds
  5. CRP Graduate Teaching Assistantships
  6. CRP Internship Program + other work and internship opportunities facilitated by Engineering Career Services
  7. External Fellowships and Grants (opportunities posted on the ScholarshipUniverse)

Please note that neither the Knowlton School nor the CRP Section manages need based financial aid intended to cover the total cost of attendance. A Knowlton emergency grant fund does exist for students in unexpected crises or emergency circumstances: The Knowlton Access Fund. The Ohio State Office of Student Life also has Student Emergency Funding.

We offer four Knowlton CRP PhD Awards to incoming PhD students annually—a four-year funding commitment to cover tuition and graduate stipends through a combination of fellowships and graduate research and teaching opportunities.

CRP also offers some partial fellowships and scholarships to MCRP students funded by endowments. The goal of these funds is to recruit a talented and diverse graduate cohort. The scholarships are not designed to cover the full cost of attendance but to assist in facilitating attendance.

The Section nominates current and incoming MCRP and PhD students for university and college fellowships based on qualifications. CRP also occasionally has graduate teaching/research assistantships available to MCRP students.