Student(s): Joseph DeRicco
Instructor(s): Lindsey McLaughlin
Course: ARCH 2410: Architectural Design I
Term: Autumn 2015

The Retreat House was designed to provide its residents with an escape from the

everyday. Situated on a steep, rocky bluff overlooking a lake, the house is comprised of four 

components. Inhabitants enter, via ramps, through an entry pavilion connecting the top of the site 

to the living space on the house’s main level. The three bedrooms of the house are contained in an 

adjoined volume. The fourth component, the lakeside pavilion on the dock, is accessed via ramps 

along the cliff. The relationships between home’s public and private spaces are explored with 

intersecting volumes and the resulting shared or excluded spaces. In the same manner, the 

relationships between individual and collective spaces are explored.