Student(s): Rachael Hill
Instructor(s): Elizabeth Leidy
Course: ARCH 2420: Architectural Design II
Term: Autumn 2015

A jaguar, a fish, and a gun, this thought provoking mix came together through their story of the protection of an eternal game of cat and mouse. Through hand sketches and manipulating Bristol, the forms of the interior shells evolved from the basic ideas of each of the toys. For the jaguar, it began with examining the print, and its duality of protecting the animal and showing what it is capable of, creating the aggravated spikey nature of its shell. The toy fish was more of a focus on its habitat for this long journey through space, and a remake on a typical fish bowl, and working with the ebb and flow of water. These two toy shells interact in a playful way, with the spikes of the jaguar piercing through the fish shell creating the imagery of a game of cat and mouse. The final toy is a rubber band gun encased in the shell of a bullet, a gun can have a double reading of protection of oneself, but also to defend others and act as a peacekeeper. The exterior casing was a representation of the juxtaposition between the two shells of the fish and jaguar and the explosiveness of the gun. Through the transition between spikes, puncture holes from where the jaguar has moved around during the long journey, and smooth sides of the fish pushing through to the exterior, this shows the internal struggle of these three toys through this game of cat and mouse that is kept in check by the watchful protector.