Student(s): Alexander Jackson
Instructor(s): Montero
Course: ARCH 4410: Architectural Design V
Term: Autumn 2015

The role of the public library is not simply a depository of books, rather the public library functions as a repository of information; a dynamic incubator for the community.


The London Public Library is located on the existing Potter’s Field Park, situated south of Norman Foster’s London City Hall, and directly across from the historic Tower of London.  With an increasing lack of green, public space, the Library seeks to create a new courtyard for Londoners.  This courtyard typology quotes the historic London fabric while referencing the new object buildings surrounding the site.  The urban edge is held with two towers, while the Thames River front is met with the extension of the existing park, pulled up onto the building. In order to maintain this public landscape, the library accommodates program in two ways: rising up, and digging down.  Each tower is dedicated to a specific program type (Encounter, Investigation, Digital), while the main book stacks are submerged into an inverse courtyard.  The courtyard created on top of the book stacks is dedicated to the public, holding offices, children’s daycare centre, café, and views out to the Tower Bridge and Tower of London.