Student(s): Daniel Yang
Instructor(s): Zed Synder
Course: ARCH 2410: Architectural Design I
Term: Autumn 2015

The Initial idea of this project is showing various view from different direction, and each of the views show the either the connection or difference between two buildings. Since the two side buildings have different height, the project utilizes the lower building to differentiate some parts of the view. For example, the material difference on the east elevation is differentiate by the lower building. Thus, the part of project that hide behind the lower building will be covered by concrete and metals, and the part beside the building will be glass wall for showing a feeling of two dimensional life view to passerby. This side of view will create a warm family atmosphere in this busy city.

The idea of horizontal vs vertical provides certain variety to the building. In the vertical building, those floating bedrooms are seemed as containers, which were used to collect sunlight, and shifting in this vertical space. In the horizontal one, those light boxes have different level and seemed they are trying to move forward and release the light. The set of courtyard in both apartments has plentiful natural lightning from south and north, and both of the courtyards are seemed connected together as a public space for two family from the plan. For forming variety from the façade, some of the bedroom pumped out will create a visual illusion to passerby.

The lighting work in this Project follow the direction of requirement, “let lights go through the building”. The columns insert into the front apartment and cross over each other in the façade, which not only support the structure, but also divide the space in each floor, especially the division between staircase and living room. In the courtyard, the set of each skylight is right upon the entrance, which also can help to save some resource. The ally is seemed very mysterious and quiet here, which helped to keep the privacy of both family. Since both family can directly see the alley space from inside, they will be conscious any visitors. From the model, the circulation is illuminated by the nature light from south. Furthermore, there are some longitude space beneath the bedroom in the back apartment, which also help to lighten the circulation and save the resource.


Overall, this project was developed based on the basic architecture idea, the condition of the environment and various materiality.