Student(s): Faris Ahmed
Instructor(s): Beth Blostein
Course: ARCH 2410: Architectural Design I
Term: Autumn 2016

The Retreat House is characterized by its ability to create an escape from everyday life. It serves as a temporary residence that families can use as a way of coming together as well as a place of seclusion and privacy. These two extremes are what allow the Retreat House to stray from the conventions that constrain the typical house.


            The roof of this Retreat House, located on a hillside at the edge of a lake, is a composition of “light cannons” which capture sunlight at different times of the day. Preferencing light over views, the fluctuating qualities of light give temporary definition to an open, gridded floor plan of varying heights. This intentional instability questions conventional notions of public versus private space, striving for an atmosphere of togetherness while challenging one’s definition of privacy.