Student(s): Clare Jacob
Instructor(s): Zed Synder
Course: ARCH 4410: Architectural Design V / Gui Competition
Term: Autumn 2016

                The San Francisco House of Music provides the large public spaces with light through the use of five light cannons.  The five spaces push and pull the shell, that is the wrapper of the building, creating circulation around the light cannons for both the audience entry and back of house entry for the performers.  The site within Golden Gate Park, slopes from front to back and allows for the different theaters to be terraced on different ascending plinths.  This allows views back towards the lobby, and clerestory lighting from above.  The roof of the building is accessible and one roof plane has a secondary park entry, which descends into the lobby.  The three sets of roof planes have different landscapes: wood decking for the secondary entrance, manicured grass and trees for the plane which is an extension of the park, and tall wild prairie grasses for the non-accessible roof planes.