Student(s): Chloe Egbert
Instructor(s): Galo Canizares
Course: ARCH 3410: Architectural Design III
Term: Autumn 2016

Nestled into the earth resides SPRAWL; an urban art center located within the rural country side. The structure elements crawl away from

a central axis line that connects the front entrance to the performance center. While traveling along the paths an individual can create

their own adventure but looping in and out of specific units within the art center. The sprawl motion allows for separate areas to be created

such as a Medical Center, Fitness, Administration, Community Center and Art Gallery. The units are organized by function and also

what civilians would be using the most becomes more prominent in design. The theater is along the main axis because it is an area where

all can come and feel united. An area of entertainment that is timeless and will forever connect people back to the central limb.