Student(s): Tyler Krebs
Instructor(s): Karen Lewis
Course: ARCH 3410: Architectural Design III
Term: Autumn 2016

The project is a proposed Arts Center for Holmes County, home of the largest Amish population in the world. The anticipated experience for the site is a romanticized slice of vernacular, with fine farm aesthetics and a serene natural environment. The reality of the site, however, is a series of sight blocking eyesores that are a major letdown for any tourist traveling to the area. This building resolves this issue by creating an imaginary ground plane, elevated up to the height of the highest point of the surrounding buildings. This imaginary infinite plane decontextualizes the immediate surroundings and provides an instant connection to what lies beyond. This plane is made tangible by creating the first floorplate, which then is multiplied up. The plates are then occupied by an infinite network of treehouse-like capsules and webbed structure, giving the building a relation to the neighboring forest through relocation. There is a visible reaction on the building where the slices occurs, which implies the infinite expanse that once was. Additionally, each floorplate undulates, mimicking the rolling hills of the surrounding area and their successful ability to provide unique and ever changing gaze throughout the land. Ultimately, the building is both simultaneously able to break away from its immediate contexts and connect to its greater context, serving as a microcosm of the county.