Student(s): Brandon Kroger
Instructor(s): Zed Synder
Course: ARCH 4410: Architectural Design V / Gui Competition
Term: Autumn 2016

Golden Gate park has a marked history as an informal music venue since the late 1960’s. Spontaneous, impromptu performances occurred in the varied meadows littered throughout the park, including the proposed building site adjacent to Strawberry Hill and Stowe Lake. Working with the idea of delamination, the project attempts to construct a space for this to happen. These surfaces can then express themselves as large, monolithic volumes with begin to “resonate” throughout the building, pushing walls against each other, or dragging columns up from the ground. Wrapping around it is a large mesh wall, blurring the line between park and performance space. Because this initial diagram of delamination deals heavily with surface, the idea of screens, or display, surface as a place for display was explored. Oversize concert posters, upcoming events, or even song lyrics can be displayed on surfaces both inside and out.