Student(s): Danial Latif
Instructor(s): Stephen Turk
Course: ARCH 3410: Architectural Design III
Term: Autumn 2016

       This project takes root from American farm vernacular. Such objects as the barn and silo resonate immensely with ideas of picturesque Americana embedded in the Jeffersonian grid. With this intention in mind, the structure is then embodied by the summation of these farm elements. This operation created unique sectional qualities defined by the objects. The normalization of the Boolean operations then occurred by applying them to the design of the proposed building. This design addresses the site by the placement of two bars connected by an event. This produces a “bent H scheme” that incorporates and engages all facets of the site. When the layer of combined farm vernacular gets applied to the scheme the result becomes a beautiful blend of abstract icons creating immense sectional qualities. The combination produces a chaotic rhetoric at the event where the two normalized bars are connected. Ultimately resulting in the final project portraying a system of the abstraction of farm language.